Sunday, May 28, 2017

Believe in yourself


Anything is Possible (Artsy bits and pieces, Artflowers, wordart, magiclights, overlay, magic templates, paper mixed media, loopilaloozas, brushmix) all by @NBK Design

For my layout: I selected the magic template, place two of the paper media paper as my background (one of them with the overlay mode and only 20% opacity). I extracted the photo and place it to the side. Place the mix media at the background.I place the loopilaloozas on the top of the paper. I place the overlay paper after the lace elements. Place the magic lights on the top. Place the extracted photo to the side of the layout, place the flowers, artsy bits, brushes and wordart at the top and some behind the photo. The photo is not full opacity make sure that you erase the overlay to the parts that you would like to stand out.


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